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How to fix Sidebar below contents error in WordPress

WordPress is a huge platform where developers can build unique and amazing websites for an individual, company or organization.

Developing websites can be quite a challenging task for developers because a lot of dedication, skill, knowledge, and creativity are required in the procedure. However, it is also certain that everything might not go smoothly and without errors or issues. WordPress may encounter issues since it is a software platform.

When you receive the “sidebar below contents error” error in your WordPress website, you do not have to panic. This is a common issue and it can be fixed quickly with the help of our WordPress support experts.

In such a situation, you might see that the sidebar in your WordPress website is unusually shifted below the contents, instead of being located on the desired position.

However, there are solutions available for this WordPress error. If you are a beginner, we would strongly suggest that you seek help from the WordPress support experts. The experts can be reached on the toll-free phone number +1-855-945-3219.

Thus, it is always advised to contact the WordPress support experts for any type of issues that occur with your WordPress website because the experts are well aware of the error and are the ones who can give you the best solution than anybody else.

Dial the WordPress support phone number +1-855-945-3219.

What causes the sidebar below contents error in WordPress?

The “sidebar below contents error” error in WordPress may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Bad WordPress themes
  • Incorrect code snippets
  • Missing code snippets
  • Missing tags

How to fix Sidebar below contents error in WordPress?

The “sidebar below contents error” error can be fixed easily. Following the simple steps will help you to easily diagnose and troubleshoot the error. However, you can always seek assistance from the WordPress support experts. Contact the WordPress support experts on +1-855-945-3219 and get an instant resolution to the error.

When troubleshooting the error, you must consider the following:

Most of the time, incorrect position of the sidebar and contents in your WordPress website are caused due to bad or incompatible WordPress themes. You must check if your WordPress theme is causing the problem and remove or uninstall any incompatible themes that you might have on your WordPress website.

Another cause of this problem can be if you are typing incorrect or incomplete code snippets when creating the sidebar along with the contents of your website. A website can go wrong if proper programming code is not applied.

You must also check for incorrect or missing tags that may be causing the problem. All programming languages, as well as scripting languages, have a proper format of code snippets with functions that help in the development of websites. Therefore, any missing or incorrect code snippets, tags or functions can result in an error or instability of your WordPress website.

If you have tried all the above steps and you are still not able to access your website, we advise you to contact our WordPress support experts immediately. Call +1-855-945-3219 and speak with our experts today.

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